Touch Screen Building Directory - Video Preview


I lead the team of people for Student Unions & Activities at the University of Minnesota who built this touch screen building directory installed in Coffman Memorial Union. The directory is a web app running in WebKit on a Mac Mini attached to a touch screen monitor. No Flash was used. Many of the graphic elements like the panels and buttons are generated entirely with CSS3. The 3D floor diagrams were created with Google SketchUp. Here's a first look at the project which launched early on Friday, January 15th:

We used a usability test driven design process. We were able to completely redesign portions of the project in the week before it launched based on direct user feedback. We are continuing to test and make iterative improvements to the directory. Special thanks to the totally epic team that made this possible: Ellie, Ethan, Kamran, Ken, Sungho, and Trent. My leadership role included project management, creative direction, information architecture (IA), and user experience (UX). My development role included core PHP and MySQL work, as well as JavaScript work on the drag-and-drop administrative tool for the map data.

Update: This project won 4th place overall in the University of Minnesota 2011 Quality Fair! That's a huge honor, and I want to congratulate my former team at Student Unions & Activities for their continued work on this application.