jQuery Plugin: rotate3Di - Flip HTML content in 3D

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Hover the items below to make them flip over and reveal the content on their reverse sides. Open this demo in a new window, and be sure to read the source code.

Getting Started

In order to use the rotate3Di jQuery plugin, your web page will need to include jQuery v1.2.6 or newer, the jQuery CSS Transform patch, and the rotate3Di plugin itself — in that order:

<script type="text/javascript" src="jquery.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="rotate3Di/jquery-css-transform/jquery-css-transform.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="rotate3Di/rotate3Di.js"></script>

Rotate3Di can then be used like other jQuery Effects:

$('#rot-ex').rotate3Di(180, 3000);


The Method: rotate3Di(degrees, [duration], [options])


degreesNumber, String

The number of degrees to rotate about the isometric Y axis. This may be positive, negative, or it may be a relative value as described for the jQuery animate effect (e.g. 180, -360, '+=270'). Or, the strings 'flip', 'unflip', or 'toggle'.

durationNumber, String(Optional)

A string representing one of the three predefined speeds ('slow', 'normal', or 'fast') or the number of milliseconds to run the animation (e.g. 1000). This is the same as the duration argument for the jQuery animate effect, including the behavior if you specify a value of 0.


An object representing a set of options with which to configure the animation. All of the jQuery animate effect options are valid, as well as those listed in the rotate3Di options table.


directionStringDefault: 'anticlockwise'

Specify the spin direction as 'clockwise' or 'anticlockwise' / 'counterclockwise' when the degrees argument is set to the string values 'flip', 'unflip', or 'toggle'. When the argument degrees is set to a numerical value, the spin direction is controlled by the value's sign (e.g. positive numbers spin clockwise).

sideChangefunction ([front])

A callback function to be executed whenever the object being rotated flips sides. This callback can take one argument, which will be set to true if the side being revealed is the front side of the object. In the scope of the callback, this is the object being rotated. If you rotate an object with rotate3Di and specify a sideChange callback function, the flip side of the object will not show up mirrored / reversed.

completefunction ()

A callback function to be executed whenever the animation completes, executes once for each element animated against. This is the same as the complete callback for the jQuery animate effect.

easingStringDefault: 'swing'

The name of the easing effect that you want to use (plugin required). There are two built-in values, 'linear' and 'swing'. This is the same as the easing option for the jQuery animate effect.


Statically Setting a Rotation Angle

Rotate3Di can be used to statically set the isometric rotation angle of an object.




Animating to a Rotation Angle

Rotate3Di can animate an object to any angle of rotation about the isometric Y axis. Click the image to see the rotation animated. Note that once the animation has finished, the object will be at a 180 degree angle to the Y axis already, thus repeat clicks will have no effect.

ME #ex2


$('#ex2').click(function () {$(this).rotate3Di(180, 1000);});

Animating Relative Degrees of Rotation

Rotate3Di can animate the rotation of an object through any number of degrees of rotation about the isometric Y axis. Click the image to see the animated rotation, this time by -180 degrees (thus, counterclockwise rotation). Click the image additional times to rotate by the same amount again and again.

ME #ex3


$('#ex3').click(function () {$(this).rotate3Di('-=180', 1000);});

Flip, Unflip, and Toggle Shortcuts

With rotate3Di, it is possible to flip, unflip, or toggle the flip state of an object without specifying numerical degree values.

ME #ex4

ME #ex5

ME #ex6 CW


// Two things to note here:
//     1. We use .stop() to prevent the "buildup" of animations
//     2. We capture the hover event on a different element than the one we
//        rotate so that the hover-out isn't triggered if the rotation of the
//        element moves it out from under the user's mouse pointer.
    function () {$(this).find('p').stop().rotate3Di('flip', 500);},
    function () {$(this).find('p').stop().rotate3Di('unflip', 500);}

$('#ex5').click(function () {$(this).rotate3Di('toggle', 1000);});
$('#ex6').click(function () {
    $(this).rotate3Di('toggle', 1000, {direction: 'clockwise'});

Using Callback Functions for Side Change and Animation Completion

Using the callback function options available with rotate3Di, you can take action as your object reveals its front and back sides during rotation, as well as take action when your animation has completed. Click this example to animate it.

ME #ex7


function mySideChange(front) {
    if (front) {
        $(this).css('background', '#f0f');
    } else {
        $(this).css('background', '#0f0');

function myComplete() {
    $('#ex7').css('backgroundColor', '#f00');

$('#ex7').click(function () {
            sideChange: mySideChange,
            complete: myComplete