Deathmastree Data Visualization


For xmas I made a Panta Claus mini-episode for my game The Legend of Equip > Pants. This episode is the first in my game to introduce player death, and it is pretty challenging. I've been capturing players' paths through the level as well as where they are dying.

As a bit of thematic layering, and with data visualization in mind, I made the episode map itself in the shape of a Christmas Pantsmas Tree. I knew then that I could capture the data and play it back... and with a little smart use of shapes and colors... I could have the player map data visualization come out as a lovely holiday themed animation.

I titled this data visualization "2000 plays. 6000 deaths. 40 seconds." I think it turned out really great, so I wanted to share it with all of you.

Update: Turns out Kotaku thinks it is cool, too!