Pre-Halloween Spooky Web Demo


Boo! Halloween is my favorite holiday, and it is only just around the corner. Here's a spooky web demo I made earlier this month, and I wanted to share it with you. Write your own scary message in #b1000d!

CSS3 and Canvas Bleeding Text Screenshot.

The demo uses HTML5 Canvas to draw the falling streaks of #b1000d. In Safari/Chrome, I'm also able to fill the inside of the letters themselves with a shower of #b1000d. To accomplish this I use an off-screen canvas and the special CSS3 rule background: -webkit-canvas(mycanvas); to set the background behind the text to the canvas animation I'm doing in JavaScript. Then, I use another CSS3 rule -webkit-background-clip: text; to clip the canvas to only show the parts of the canvas that are underneath the text. Finally I make the text see-through with color: transparent; so we can see that clipped background. Go ahead and view source of the demo if you want to see more.

Before you go, I have another announcement, too. I'm working hard trying to complete my new game by Halloween. (I'm both making a game and keeping up with my client work, so wish me luck! heh) It will be a new chapter in the world of Equip > Pants. I hope that you'll like it.