</2010> Much Belated Yearly Recap


The year 2010 was crazy and busy, but 2011 has started out even crazier and busier! Already in 2011 I've been to Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), been out of town for a project at work several times, and also I submitted my video game Re-Infiltration at Dusk to the Mozilla Labs Game On competition, making it to the finalists list.

But better late than never, I'd like to do a review of 2010 while it is still somewhat fresh in memory. This timeline is mostly for my benefit so that when I look back at 2010 it seems like an actual year of my life went by. I find it comforting to feel like last January was in fact 12 months ago, and didn't just happen last week.

I got pretty bad about posting to my blog in 2010 because of the chaos. A lot of my projects ended up going direct to @zacharyjohnson on Twitter. So there could be some things below that may be new to you:






  • Blocks Box, a simple physics toy for kids aged 2 to 102, approved in iPad app store

  • Took a very lovely trip to San Francisco to see good friends





  • Worked on a film for the Body Computing conference at USC, covered by Fast Company


  • Developed full-on Minecraft addiction

  • Visited Sleepy Hollow, NY for my friends' wedding (yes, that Sleepy Hollow)



I'd say 2010 was a really great year for me, but even more so it was a fantastic year for the web. I made the resolution at the beginning of 2010 to spend more time on interactive development and games. I think I definitely accomplished this, thanks in no small part to the fact that all the major browser players now have a very, very fast canvas implementation.

I also resolved to dig into the mobile web, and I had a ton of fun playing with the continuous stream of new functionality appearing in Mobile Safari on iOS. But Android has a Webkit-based browser, too. The new job I started in March in particular gave me many opportunities to explore and exploit the multitouch web environment on Android and iOS. I'm truly excited for what 2011 will bring to the mobile web space, and I also look forward to the role that Mobile Safari will play in my upcoming iOS app development. It's an amazingly rapid and versatile tool.

I think I met more people and had more opportunities to collaborate in 2010 than I have in a really long time. Maybe ever. I found that to be tremendously valuable and rewarding. I look forward to continuing that trend in 2011. You all do some really amazing things, and the web community now surprises and thrills me at a daily pace. Have a great 2011! It's going to be elevenz.