Equip > Pants, a "Bare" Minimum RPG


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The Legend of Equip Pants: Adventure RPG

Original Post:

I've been tracking the Experimental Gameplay Project blog since its return earlier this year. I decided to enter the competition this month when I saw the August theme, "bare minimum," which they suggested could be anything including "graphics, sound, gameplay — some have even been so crass as to suggest clothing!"

My idea was to create an extremely basic RPG with gameplay throwbacks to NES titles like Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy, but with even simpler graphics. The graphics concept I came up with was basically that anything in the game would be represented with giant square pixels of color. And then playing off the theme's implication of bare-as-in-naked, I came up with the game title: Equip > Pants. Here's a very brief review:

Having perhaps the highest hilarious: number of pixels ratio, equip > pants follows the exploits of a pantless hero who must don pants. -Experimental Gameplay Project

In the spirit of the Experimental Gameplay Project competition rules, I spent just seven days developing this game. I put in less than 40 hour of development time total.

The game is written in JavaScript, and should run fine in most browsers. Play it now. Click START below.

And after you've finished, check out the other games from the August theme. Just to give a few more technical details about the game: I used the DOM to draw the graphics instead of a canvas tag. Those of you with Safari, Chrome, or Firefox 3.5 should see a beautiful pixel font in the game thanks to an @font-face rule.

Oh, and don't mind the ABOUT / CREDITS link... that just goes to this blog entry. (Some places have linked to the game directly rather than this post.)