year++; Annual Recap


As every new year has passed since I've started this blog, I've done an annual timeline of events that were important to me over the previous year. I really like being able to look back. It helps me realize that I got a lot done, even if there's so much more yet to do! Here are some things from 2011 that I'd like to share:



  • Was in Vancouver and Berlin doing user experience research interviews and testing

  • Cobblestones 1, Zach's Foot 0

  • Touch Screen Directory project gets 4th Place at U of M Quality Fair





  • Launched the Firebomb plugin for Firefox, made with Add-ons SDK

  • Created the Firebomb site, too, with exploding logo (click it!)

  • Exploited browser features to make CSS3 rain ripples

  • Worked on SQLite integration in NimbleKit for a client's iOS app

  • Visited Northampton, MA







Turns out 2011 was an incredibly significant year for me. Beginning to work for myself full-time was a huge change, and one I had been pondering for quite awhile. I'm already going to be busy with work well past that one year anniversary. I feel very fortunate. I look forward to all sorts of exciting client work and creative collaborations in 2012.

Of course, the main reason I started working for myself was the flexibility. I wanted to be able to try out more ideas, and be free for more projects. I did manage to release my own iPhone App in 2011, as well as three of my own video games. And I collaborated with friends on one really neat multiplayer node.js game! I hope to learn more about myself as an artist in 2012, and release some app and videogame work in 2012 that is even more personally meaningful.

I made some wonderful new connections in 2011, including all the folks at the IGDA-TC community and at JavascriptMN. I will have all sorts of fun with all these people in 2012, and I'm sure I'll make lots of new friends, too.

I'd say 2011 was a year about mobile, iOS and Android, as much as it was a year about JavaScript. I have zero doubt that mobile and JavaScript (and thus "HTML5") will be front-and-center in 2012. I view mobile as kind of a given now. Saying that mobile is a big deal is kind of like saying the web is a big deal... "no duh!" JavaScript is really going to keep growing in a major way in 2012. WebGL is huge. Realtime multiplayer/multiuser via WebSockets is huge. JavaScript on the server with node.js is really interesting.

I wish you a wonderful 2012.