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The Legend of Equip Pants: Adventure RPG

Original Post:

I'm very happy to announce my new short adventure/RPG game, The Legend of Equip > Pants: Chapter 1. It's got a spooky vibe. Hopefully you follow me on Twitter and you caught news of my game release on Halloween! I made my deadline goal. I didn't get every last detail in, but I did finish! Hooray!

Game screenshot.

This game is featuring music created by Christopher Winter. He really deserves a lot of major kudos, because he put together music for me in less than a day! (Totally my fault for ignoring music for my game until the last minute!) The game would not be the same without his efforts. Thank you, Chris! Thank you thank you thank you!

Well, this is it for now. I'm interested in doing a proper postmortem, because I learned a lot about my own personal game making process I'd like to share. I also have some thoughts on Akihabara vs. Impact.js. However, this will all have to wait for another blog post on another night, because I'm tired!