</2009> Predictable Year in Review Post


Well, yesterday was the last day of 2009, and today starts a new decade. Hello 2010. You are so shiny and futuristic looking. Anyway, I figured I'd succumb to the incredibly predictable year-in-review post. So what did I do in 2009? I did quite a bit actually, and writing this post helps to remind me of that... otherwise I just have a tendency to think of all the things I didn't accomplish. Also, I find years tend to blur together without any reflection. Here's a handy little timeline [made with pure CSS and no images, don't-chya-know] of oh-nine:








  • Celebrated my nation's independence by blowing up a small part of it






Phwew... I got tired typing that, and even more tired re-reading it. Where do I get off thinking I didn't get anything done in 2009? It is a year I should definitely be proud of. Other things from the year not in the timeline: a bunch of browser bugs I found and submitted over the course of the year, countless projects at my full-time job at the University of Minnesota (probably most memorable is launching a complete redesign of the Events & Conferences site), and a ton of new friends gained and connections made.

My stated resolution for 2009 was to, "Help the collective improvement of the web." I'd say I kept that promise to myself (probably a personal first for a New Year's resolution). Every bug I submitted, every patch I wrote, and every crazy thing I tried to get web browsers to do were all my contributions to the vast collection of brilliant people out there who all helped to make 2009 the year that web browsers really got awesome.

In 2010 I will continue to work to make the web more awesomer [sic], and I'm also making some personal resolutions to dig deeply in the mobile web, spend a lot of time on interactive design and games, and also make way more time for doodling and drawing.

Another important statement I made back at the beginning of 2009 was that I believe making connections is perhaps the most important thing to be doing. I am genuinely grateful for every single connection I made with so many people over the last year, both new connections and re-connections. 2009 was a banner year in that regard, but staying connected is just as much a 2010 New Year's resolution for me. I look forward to attending more conferences, working with more people, helping people succeed at their passions, and being inspired by the work done by all of you brilliant folks.

Have a great 2010! Oh, and if you are interested, check out the CSS for no-images-used timeline.