My Art from "Play" and "Together" Shows


A friend of mine runs umber° studios, an art gallery in south Minneapolis. The gallery is celebrating its second anniversary with a show titled "Together" that brings… together… all the artists who have shown work in the gallery in the last two years. The reception was on June 20, and the show runs through July 12.

Here's a photo of yours truly next to my submission — a nearly life size blowup of some pixel art I've been working on for Zachstronaut:

Me standing next to large pixel astronaut.
The postcard for Together show.

So like I said, the "Together" show was comprised entirely of artists who had previously shown work at umber. I had the great pleasure of showing a variety of fun pieces in a fall 2007 show titled "Play." The show was the idea of my friend Peter Smith, and I was very happy to have him invite me to be a part of it.

My art for the "Play" show was a juxtaposition (oh yes, I dropped the j-bomb) of video games I played growing up — which inspired my career path as a builder of the digital flavor — with the physical toys I used to build stuff as a kid.

First below, photos of four pieces done in LEGO brick on LEGO plate (left to right, top to bottom). Here are links to the games in question: Bubble Bobble (NES), Dragon Warrior (NES), Final Fantasy (NES), Super Mario Bros. (NES). Then, a piece constructed with dominoes, GORILLAS.BAS (QBasic).

Bubble Bobble.
Dragon Warrior.
Final Fantasy.
Super Mario Bros.
The postcard for Play show.

Actually, I had one more LEGO work in the show which was the heart containers from The Legend of Zelda (NES), but that piece has sold. If you're seriously interested in any of this art or commissioning a piece, contact me.

Surprisingly, I've never become a regular Flickr user, but I imagine I should get high-res shots of these up on Flickr or somewhere eventually.