1234567890 Day Countdown


Unix time 1234567890 is quickly approaching today has passed. Don't know what the heck that means? Want to know exactly how much longer before it happens? Check out 1234567890day.com. I decided to quickly whip together a couple ways for geeks to count up to the event on the command line.


Please, don't put this code on a web page. I warned you.

<?php while (($t = time()) <= 1234567890) {print $t."\n"; usleep(500000);} ?>

Mac OS X Terminal

Create a file called 1234567890day.sh or download mine. You may have to remember to chmod 755 the file before you can run it from the Terminal.


while [ `date +%s` -lt 1234567890 ]; do
    date +%s 
    sleep 1

echo 'Happy 1234567890 Unix time!'
say 'Happy 1234567890 Unix time!'

(Hrmm... the SHJS language file for shell scripts seems totally hosed. If I try to use it, it erases my code rather than adding syntax highlighting.)