Cycho - IGF Game Submission


Cycho is Alfred Hitchcock meets Tron light cycles. Two players compete for survival as they maneuver on a giant moving eye.

RPG Game: Legend of Equip > Pants

The Legend of Equip Pants.

I'm very pleased to announce my first commercial video game release! The Legend of Equip > Pants is a pantsventure RPG taking place in an alternate universe where an old man in a cave would hand Link some wooden underwear instead of a sword (if there were old men living in caves). The game unveils itself as a series of brief episodes, because who has the energy to stay invested in 40 hour long RPG plots anymore? I sure don't.

Currently available for free for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Coming soon to Windows/Linux/Mac on the Chrome Web Store.

Please try it out! Episodes 1 and 2 are now playing.

Beemo - Adventure Time iOS App

Beemo Screenshot. Beemo blink animation.

Mathematical Opportunity!

Ham in the Fridge and Cartoon Network.

I had the joy and privilege of working on the Beemo - Adventure Time iOS app. I'm a huge fan of the cartoon, so this was a special project for me.

The app was produced by Cartoon Network and designed by Ham in the Fridge. My company Zachstronaut LLC was hired by Ham in the Fridge to program the app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Free/Open SOPA Blackout Protest Template


Screenshot of template with spotlight effect. Fork me on GitHub

CISPA Blackout?

SOPA and PIPA are terrible bills in the US Congress, and on January 18 the web is going went dark to protest.

Copyright theft is already illegal. Why is Congress wasting our time with this? If passed into law, these bills will lead to censorship without due process of law. They protect the rights of multi-billion-dollar corporations, but they don't protect the rights of the average web publisher. Join the fight!

Why Did I Make This Template?

When I heard about how the web was going dark (including sites like Reddit and Wikipedia!), I felt inspired to make an interactive blackout template that played off the theme of "going dark." It was a way for me to channel my frustration with these bills creatively. Some artists paint. I guess I write code. (I actually repurposed one of my old demos for this.)

I made the code public domain and put it up on Github so people could fork it and improve it. You are welcome to use it, and I require no attribution. [Technical note: Check out this post about 503 HTTP headers.]

And Then What Happened? (Going Viral)

I submitted my template to BoingBoing in the middle of the night on Sat, Jan 14 right after putting it together, and Corey Doctorow wrote me back with some good ideas for adding more information to the design so that people would be better informed about the issue. He posted my template on Sunday. It then got picked up by YCombinator News, showing up in their Twitter feed and front page. It started to pick up some buzz on Twitter. On Tuesday, I talked on the phone with a really kind writer for Fast Company. Mashable wrote about it, too.

I thought the response to my template was totally crazy and unbelievable at this point. I had over 50,000 people come to view it from Sunday to Tuesday. And there is nothing quite like that many people coming to see your downloadable template to make you second guess your code! Sorry if you had any problems! I thought there would be quite a few sites using my template during the black out on Wednesday, but I really had no idea just how much my template would resonate with people...

What Has Been the Impact? (Holy Crap!)

At midnight Tuesday night/Wednesday morning I suddenly realized...

Get Firebomb, Browser Plugin and iOS App


Get Firebomb.

The most popular and powerful web demolition tool, Firebomb puts an arsenal of fun, stress relieving 8-bit explosives at your fingertips. Available as a plugin for Firefox and as a bookmarklet for other browsers, for when you need more firepower than Firebug alone. And, Firebomb AR is an augmented reality app for your iOS device. Get Firebomb today!

Firebomb AR is available in the App Store.

Screenshot of Firebomb Firefox plugin.